Potential output of berth on which LLC “Stevedoring Investment Company” operate is more than 1 million tones per year. Our enterprise processes general bulk and bulk-load cargoes. More than 80% of the processed cargoes constitute ores, coal, mineral fertilizers, ferrous materials of all shapes, pig iron, coke, ferroalloys, bentonitic clay.

LLC “Stevedoring Investment Company” main services

  1. Transshipment of foreign-trade, transit and cabotage cargoes
  2. Execution of cargo handling
  3. Separation, fastening of cargo, dry cleaning of holds, weighting of cargo with railway or automatic scales
  4. Keeping the cargo on the roofless storage platform with the purpose of cargo batch accumulation for ship

LLC “Stevedoring Investment Company” extra services

Export, import and transit freight forwarding including:

  • intrairport freight forwarding;
  • organization and registration of twenty-four-hour on-line accounting;
  • volume, placement, delivery and exportation time matching of cargoes, which arrive at port;
  • organization of cargo shipping documents receiving and processing;
  • preparation of manifestoes, bills of lading and mate