“Stevedoring Investment Company” – the industry leader

“Stevedoring Investment Company” – the industry leader

Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, Information and Analytical Agency “STATINFORMCONSULTING” and the organizing committee of the National Business Rating summed up the activities of more than 300 000 enterprises in Ukraine in 2011.
For the total score according to the criteria “The volume of sales”, “labor productivity”, “net income” “Salaries”

Limited Liability Company
“Stevedoring Investment Company”
The leader of the industry – 2011
by main activity
“The activities of maritime cargo transport”

December 27 management companies were awarded the National Certificate and Commemorative Medal – 2011.

Congratulations to all employees “Stevedore investment company” with a victory on a national scale! We are confident that this is yet another important step on the path to leadership implicit in the market of cargo handling in Ukraine!