Golden ton 2015

The commemorative sign “Golden Ton”, especially revered by the port workers, is awarded for record turnover figures in the history of stevedoring companies that have processed at least 1 million tons. The founders of the memorable sign for stevedores are the Ukrport Association (for state stevedores), the Union of Port Operators (for private stevedores) and the Ports of Ukraine Publishers.

By the end of 2015, 9 Ukrainian stevedoring companies with a turnover of at least 1 million tons have set records in their history.

The group of terminals “TIS” (the general director Andrey Stavnitser) continued its already steady growth for many years, five terminals of which processed 26574.6 thousand tons of cargo in the port of the South Sea (0.7 million tons more than in the previous year, the record year for the group ).

The Brooklyn-Kiev group (General Director Yuri Gubankov) also added to its last year’s record, which processed 8059.2 thousand tons, which is 4.6% more cargo than in 2014, which was also a record for the group.

The record for cargo turnover in its history was established by the state enterprise “Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port” (director Nikolai Ilyin), which passed 4285.6 thousand tons last year, which is 43.4% more than the previous year. Berdyansk MTP significantly exceeded its previous record, established back in 1985 – 3,500 thousand tons. These indicators were largely achieved due to the reorientation of part of the cargo flows from Mariupol.

The rapid growth of the cargo turnover of the company “Grintur-Ex” in Mykolayiv (Acting General Director Igor Pugach) continues, which last year set a record in its history, having handled 3,327,900 tons of cargo.

The company “Metalluskrain Corp LTD” in the port of Odessa (General Director Nikolay Bondaryuk), having transshipped 2,625,900 tons in 2015, also reached its highest level. To break the previous record (2422.4 thousand tons), the company took 13 years. The growth to the previous record was 8.4%.

The record was set also by the company “Borivage” (director Vitaly Fedorov) in the port of Yuzhny, which exceeded the previous achievement by 13.2%.

Ilyichevsk sea fishing port (executive director Vadim Melentiev) reached record cargo turnover in its history, having transshipped 2,089 thousand tons of cargo in 2015, which is 41% more than in 2014. This result was achieved primarily thanks to the transfer to the fishing port of a number of container lines from the Ilyichevsk ICC.

Nikolaev company Dnipro-Bug marine terminal (head Dmitry Redka) deserved a commemorative sign “Golden ton”, having transshipped 1360.3 thousand tons last year, which is 41.5% more than the previous record of the company.

Another Nikolaev “Stevedoring Investment Company” (Director Alexander Solovyov) reached a record turnover in its history, transshipping 1312.7 thousand tons of cargo in 2015, which is 17.4% more than the company’s previous record set in 2013 – 1 117 , 6 thousand tons of cargo.