An innovative method of making loading and unloading of grain cargoes and its recycled products

Taking into consideration long working experience with cereals and other bulk cargoes, the staff of “Stevedoring Investment Company” designed, built and set up a complex for shipping and receiving grain cargoes and its recycled products by water transport capacity of at least 4000 tons per day.

This complex allows transportation and receiving vehicles capacity 50 tons, which in turn:

  • Firstly, leads to a significant reduction in financial expenses and loss of time for the delivery of goods from warehouses to the pier of our company;
  • Secondly, eliminates the cost for weighing of cargo in the port of acceptance (vehicle’s body must be sealed);
  • Thirdly, reduces time processing of vessel.

Experience has shown that the intensity of cargo transportation and its loading on ship is limited by the speed of shipment of goods from warehouses. For example, during the shipment of cargo from two or more warehouses loading rate of vessel is more than 5,000 tons per day.

Complex for shipping and receiving grain cargoes on water transport allows simultaneous unloading of two cars with an average discharge time 10-15 minutes, considering that one car carrying capacity is 50 tons.

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