About company

Limited Liability Company “Stevedoring Investment Co.” is a modern enterprise, which operate its economic activity on the State Enterprise “Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port” territory and is a part of Ukrainian transport network

Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port is one of the oldest Ukrainian ports, which was founded in 1789. It is situated in the Southern Bug river mouth, in the northen part of Dnipro-Bug firth and is one of the most important transport links on the South of Ukraine and has great opportunities for development.

Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port territory is 94 ha, water area territory is 225 ha, berth depth is 10,3 m, railroad bed length is 24,6 km and approach canal depth is 10,5 m.

Port water area is connected with Black Sea through 44 mile-length ship-canal. Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port is also connected through railway and highways, air traffic and river communication with all CIS and foreign countries.

LLC “Stevedoring Investment Company” has roofless storage platforms with total area of 20 252 square m for cargo storage and handles general, bulk and bulk-load cargoes, including grain crops, chemical fertilizers, ores, coal, metal goods, alumina, ilmenite, bentonitic clay etc.
Mainly are handled:

  • In the export mode: ores, coal, metal goods.
  • In the import mode: chemical fertilizers, coal, alumina, ilmenite, bentonitic clay
  • LLC “Stevedoring Investment Company” berth has railway sidings, it is equipped with portal cranes with carrying capacity to 16 tones and also with autoloaders and reloaders with carrying capacity from 1,5 to 16 tones.
  • LLC “Stevedoring Investment Company” takes ships of length to 230 m, width to 32 m and immersion to 10,3 m according to Code of Customs of the SE “Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port”.

Our company and port experts will suggest you wide range of services according to International Standarts. Using all our experience we will help to reach the most mutually beneficial cooperation taking into consideration our client’s all interests. Close cooperation with agency, dispatcher and ship chandler companies gives the port all the opportunities to organize efficiently complex service of ships, cargoes and crews.

Welcome to State Enterprise “Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port”